Saturday, 30 March 2013

Marine Habitat in the City

 We don’t have to go diving to be able to see how beautiful the underwater world is and how marine animals interact with each other, we don’t even need to go abroad neither go out of town to witness open water marine habitats, we can now experience it in the midst of bustling metropolis.

At the lobby of the manila ocean park

Josephine, Marj & Me are having fun in taking some pose in front of the beautiful Creatures.
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Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Its been a while since the last time i post a blog, i been busy with work as always and also busy with friends & family as well and been busy looking for my other half...

i do my "wanted husband" online. i go online dating and meet a lot of different kind of people out there, there are gamers & scammer's, some are arrogant some are funny some just wanted unpredictable and hard to talk with hard to please but there are nice people too...gosh i never got an idea that its going to be this hard and tough finding a man who can be a good friend and a good husband for me and a good father of my soon soon (hopefully) cute little kids...

Well, i am not growing any younger to stay calm not having a family of my own at this age.... i just turn 31 last week and still i am in my bachelor status....

but though i don't want it to be in a hurry too to just jump up to somebody out there who likes me and propose to me in just a week of conversation without knowing once personality just "to get married soon" and "because im running out of time"!!!... is there any time limit to get married? hhhmm... maybe no, but i think it lessens the opportunity to get married and having kids (having a family) when people get older..... i was thinking to write here something about my day and how's my search been through.