Friday, 31 May 2013

Soda Vs. Water

I couldn't help but notice about how much Americans drink soda, i was surprise some people drink soda as if it is water. Sure, soda tastes good but water is good for our health "people need to drink water", here's a simple comparison people should understand.

Drinking Carbonated soda alone do not contain any beneficial nutrients in our body but contribute excessive calories and sugar to our diet.

1.) It can lead to dehydration for caffeine is a natural diuretic and causes our body to excrete through urine, people may suffer from the effects of dehydration like thirsty and even fatigue.

2.) It can also contribute to tooth decay and dental cavities for sweet and sugary beverages coat your tongue, teeth & gums after drinking soda's.

3.) It may cause of gaining weight for it contains an alarming amount of sugar, calories and harmful additives

While drinking water has the opposite effect

1.) Drinking water keeps you fully hydrated so you can drink it working out sweating or playing under the sun.

2.) Water is fluoridated that helps strengthen our teeth this is why water does not contribute dental decay.

3.) Water is calorie free, you can drink as much as you want without worrying about gaining weight

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The Proposal

Looking back during my then boyfriend and now my husband's proposal, i remember i was writing about the NO proposal policy during my first meeting with him so there we go, we did it "no proposal" and we enjoyed our moment together. So as he left from the Philippines, we continue sending messages to each other from Philippines Airport to the place where he get his connecting flight going back home to Tennessee and so when he get home we talk with video again the way we use to be before he came to the Philippines and then i let him rest because i am sure he was so tired and exhausted from the 2 days flight, but before he said bye for now take a rest, he told me that he wants to say something that is very important and so i listen... and guess what is it????? charaaaannn!!!!! "Aloha, before i left from the Philippines, i already have decided, i want to marry you, i shouldn't have ask you this here (online) but i don't want to waste and wait more time to be with you again & hope forever, now i ask you WILL YOU MARRY ME???".

For those people who personally know me can already see the big smile on my face while i was saying YES, I WILL and so yes that's what i did!!! and Richard with all his smile too was so excited, i am his FIANCE now! so my status (including updating facebook.. lol) was upgraded from in relationship to ENGAGED isn't that sounds so good? a lot of my friends and family were so happy, at 32 i finally settled and get married.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Changing Life

From a workaholic & independent single Lady to a full time mom & housewife, how about that? and yes, its a very big change in my life and to be honest its not that easy to do than i thought it would be although, i can say that this is a good change in my life for there is no way i can be happy to be alone for the rest of my life and definitely i am happy with  my decision.

Thinking about my life in the past before i get married, i live alone in a rented room, wash my own clothes when needed, work for an average of 10 hours a day 6 days a week, go shopping, eat out, treat my nephew and be with my brother's family (the only family live near me), party and going to the gym sometimes for my belly dancing lesson.. 

and how my life now since i get married and have a baby are, wake up at 5:30 in the morning or 6:00, prepare breakfast for my baby and hubby and feed my baby then send hubby to work make sure things  are all set clothes are clean, thing are complete from cellphone, eye glasses, car keys and other keys for work, I.D. etc... play with my baby and surf in the computer and listen music, watch tv, gave baby a bath, watch his favorite movies and send him to bed for a morning nap, cook for our food for lunch, take a bath and baby wakes up feed him again while i ate at the same time and play with him again, surf, do some exercise whenever i feel like it, text hubby sometimes just to say i miss him, change baby's diaper whenever needed and send him to bed for afternoon nap, prepare food to cook for dinner and play with baby again when wake up while waiting for hubby to get home, cook for dinner, eat, go for a walk with baby and hubby if the weather is good then play with baby again send to bed and me surf again or watch movie with hubby or just spend time with him chat etc before bed.... sometimes go shopping with hubby and baby or visit friends and family or eat out, go to church during week ends... now i think thats a lot of change  and i love it!!!

Monday, 20 May 2013

Things happends fast in the US

I remember in the seminar & counseling i attended in Cebu for my CFO (Commission on Filipino Overseas) Certificate, they said that things are fast in the US!! now i can say, yes that is true here's the instances:

I got here January 12, 2012 my fiancee toke me to the nice places and nice restaurants and introduce me to his family and so on so forth, five days after i arrive and do all those things i mentioned, we went to the clerk of court to apply for marriage license, 20 minutes after we get there, the clerk hand us our marriage license (no queue so when we get there the clerk attend to us right away and ask for my fiance and mine's passport/id and the payment and talk to us for a few minutes) and when my then fiance ask the name of the judge he know, the clerk then said yes he is at the next building and if you want to get married right away, you can so it and guess what???? we did get married right there and then, now tell me if that is not FAST?! oh, and here's more when we get to the judge office, again no queue so he attend to us right away and talk for 5 minutes and then he lead us to the room and ask if we have our ring with us (good thing we just bought our ring at that day so we have it with us too) we said yes and we took it out of the case (still the price tag on it) and in no time, we are MR & MRS!!!

Here's another, the next day that January 13th hubby decided to call the insurance company and his employer to include me to his insurance beneficiary and they just asked for our marriage certificate and walaahhh!!! again in no time they confirmed im already in his insurance beneficiary!!! so, that means no problem for my delivery or any hospital expenses when due (i was 8 mos prego when i get here)...

Here's another more, February 1st is my 1st OB-gynecologist visit here in the US, so we went there for a suppose to be just a wellness check up but when the doctor came and do her normal routine check up, she noticed that the result of my blood pressure is high and she said she's affraid im gonna have pre-ecclamsia during my labor if we will wait for the baby's due date and she will send us to the hospital and induce my labor in that particular day, so to make the story short, yes i had a baby 2 o'clock early in the morning the next day, my baby is ahead 3 weeks his due but doctor said nothing to worry 3 weeks ahead of due the baby is already full term developed.

So, that's what it is and there's some more happen but no longer surprise me for i know and prove it myself that things happen FAST in the US!!

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Visa Won

On my way to the airport!!! what a Blessing!, with the things i been through for the past months from learning that im pregnant the week after we send the petition for fiance application, to the delay of the petition approval because of the (RFE-Request for Evidence) that USCIS asked, to the delay of VISA issuance because i have to renew my passport for i accidentally wash my purse with my passport inside it a week before my interview at the embassy and all the check ups for me and my baby and looking for the OB-gynecologist to sign  the approval of my flight even if im already in my 8th month of pregnancy and etc.... God really did help us all the way through and on my way to finally be with my baby's daddy, my sweet and loving and very supportive fiancee is a kind of relieve that i almost couldn't get this year its the Happiness i felt and overwhelming Joy... 

see you all at the states:)

Monday, 13 May 2013

Benefits in breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is known to provide numerous benefits to babies, including protection from diseases ranging from asthma to diabetes although a nursing mother's milk does not normally came in before the fourth or fifth day after birth, but don't give up just yet letting your baby latch even she/he can't get milk for breastfeeding can be challenging and sometimes tricky at first, but its usually gets much better and easier once mom and baby learn the ropes, and believe me mom and baby will both enjoy the benefits out of it.

here's the picture of a healthy happy baby of mine, make it possible to your baby too

Baby who is breastfeed does receive colostrum, a thin, yellowish fluid containing proteins and antibodies that protect the her from infection and illness, baby will be healthier not only have fewer fever and colds but reduce the risk of many serious diseases down the line.

Breastfeeding is also economical and convenience, it is free and is always in stock, ready to use, clean and consistently at the perfect temperature.  its the ultimate convenience food. Nothing to worry about the last minute dashes to the store for formula or having to warm it up and scrub bottles.

Research in the journal Pediatrics shows that breastfeed infants are less likely to develop fevers in the days after a vaccination of which i personally experience and agree, my son never had fever as a result for vaccination since birth till he turn one for i continue exclusively breastfeeding him until he turned one. 

Friday, 10 May 2013


Few months ago i have this unbearable pain in tooth, it is impossible to ignore. It starts out as a tiny twinge. Then it escalates to a dull ache that comes and goes. Before long, it becomes a sharp pain that won't stop.

It was then the kind of pain that is severe and constant and it wakes me up during the night and eventually swelling to the point that i could hardly open my mouth to eat.

We call the doctor but i have to set an appointment to see them and i was so miserable! i have to wait for a week!!! i couldn't bare the pain anymore that even ibuprofen can't help ease the pain so i was reading and searching for any at home remedies to help and here's what i learned:

Clove it - An Ancient and effective home remedy for toothaches, oil of cloves applied to an aching tooth, can immediately numb the pain. Oil of cloves is available over the counter in pharmacies and health-food stores. Follow the direction on the package and apply the oil directly to the tooth, not on the gums for it can burn tender gum tissues.

Compress the swelling - Many times toothaches, especially those cause by abscesses, are accompanied by swelling. You can decrease the swelling by placing a cold compress on the outside of  your cheek near the painful tooth.

Cool it - Ice is excellent for calming pain-excited nerve endings. For a painful tooth, try holding an ice cube or cold water in your mouth. If it aggravates the pain, discontinue it.

Elevate it - When the pain in your teeth is pounding, keep your head upright to decrease the pressure in the area.

Nix the Aspirin - Placing an aspirin directly on an achy tooth is an old home remedy that can make your situation worse. Aspirin doesn't work topically and can burn your gums or cheek tissue. If you want an aspirin remedy, swallow it with a glass of water.

Try warm water - You can never rinse away a dental problem, but rinsing with warm water can help remove any food particles that may be trapped and causing problems. To soothe inflamed tissues, try rinsing with mild saline solution (one teaspoon of salt in eight ounces of water.

Surely it does help me ease the pain although i was sure that my tooth problem has gone away so i still see my doctor, it was my wisdom tooth that grows but my gums doesn't have a place for anymore teeth so it was compressed and did not came out that i can't brush it so it has cavities on it too and since there's no place for a new teeth they have to extract my tooth so the problem will be gone.

Hence, recommend to see your dentist regularly for professional care, much tooth pain can be prevented by a combination of regular home dental hygiene such as flossing and brushing, professional care and eating a diet low in sugar.


Thursday, 9 May 2013

Meeting my Mr. Right

Before i meet my Boyfriend in person "since we were in virtual dating" i told him that his coming in the Philippines doesn't mean he will be bound to marry me. I want him to be sure about his feelings towards me as well as mine towards him, because its hard to determine online if the person is telling the truth or not, hard to tell if the person is showing its real personality and characteristic & how the way we handle things together like pressure, anger, etc.. its really different when you actually meet and being with each other for real, so the meeting is all about getting to know each other more, confirming feelings for each other, having fun, enjoy, relax, VACATION... no pressure at all so its a no proposal policy until he get back to the US and take time to think if we really enjoy each others company, if we really love each other, if we really want and need each other.... it is the fairest way i know for the both of us since i don't want to feel obligated too, i was afraid... What if i don't like him when i see him in person... What if i can't feel the magic of love when i meet him and same way  when he meet me... What if we will find out that we don't have a chemistry.... And so, he admit that he think about those things too, so we agreed for the NO proposal policy during this vacation so to give time for each other to think and have the freedom to decide after meeting its not bad to be cautious anyway:) i know finding the right one is not that easy, specially when the wrong person seems like the right one. 

So, as he arrived in Cebu and i meet him at the airport and as i see him approaching to the exit gate i can already feel my heart beat faster then i waved at him and smile and say hi welcome ! he smile back at me and hugged me tight at that time i was thinking this is it i can feel it (lol) and as the days go by the feeling is mutual, we are so comfortable with each other, we are having fun, we had some problems with the finances because his card screwed up but we both deal with it calmly and all the things we have been doing is getting fun more and more everyday like there were time we riding on a jeepney (multicab) it was so tight that he couldn't move because he was afraid he might hurt or touch or make other people uncomfortable, and the pedal cab riding from the beach (which he didn't ride with it again because he feel so sorry for the driver, he think he is so heavy) that all things happen and turned out fun well, those are just two of the many experiences we had that he really can't forget and he enjoyed the most.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Petition for Fiance VISA Approved

Finally, Finally, Finally, One of my prayers answered, Thank God petition for fiance visa has been approved, here's what we got...

and here's the most awaited NOA2...

Since i will be in my 6 months of my pregnancy this month, we have to fast track our processing for the rest of the VISA Steps so to avoid any further problems (in case i deliver my baby here in the Philippines such as hospital expenses, processing of baby's VISA, and might even renew or request for extension of my NOA2 validity date) or its gonna be a crap!!!

Next Steps are as follows:

**Call NVC for the Case # - this is what they gonna use to track down my visa application status**
**Pay for the VISA Fee at any BPI Branches - so we can be able to make a schedule for interview**
**Schedule Medical Exam - one the prerequisites of Embassy for VISA Approval**

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Places to go and Stay in Cebu

During the visit of my Richard here in Cebu, i was able to check for a  hotels that is affordable yet comfortable, clean, cozy and near downtown area, i have check and personally visit the different hotels and this is the best  hotel that i pick that suites our budget yet meet the standard that we are looking for, try to check this out The swimming pool is clean, Wifi access at the lobby, and gosh good foods so yummy the daing na bangus (fried milk fish) in particular is one of our favorite there and also everything is accessible in that area, business establishment like banks, Filipino's most wanted karaoke bar, nice restaurants around, easy to ride jeepney going to Ayala mall, and some of the historical and tourist places like Sto. Nino de Basilica, Fort San Pedro, Magellans Cross and the Casa Gorodo. You may also check this link for other hotels that suites your standard and budget

Here the list of itineraries i prepared for his visit since i want him to enjoy his stay, to feel relax, calm and give his vacation a justice, so i just try to make things open, go as we feel like going do as we feel like doing and nothing is "should be".

Exploring the queen city of the south "Cebu" Historical Places etc.. just click the link for closer details:
7.) Sky Experience adventures =
12.) Island Hoping =