Saturday, 27 April 2013

Request for Evidence (RFE)

Petition for Fiance application status is finally change but its not at its best as we hope to happen, heres what we got.....

Although in a bright side at least we know that our application has already been evaluated and its good to know that the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) is already touching our case.

The evidence that they were asking was my original signature in the one of the forms we submitted, so i mailed it right away for we are anxious about my labor due (i am 5 months prego by now).

Another waiting moment...... pray pray pray

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Philippines way of Courtship

The traditional Filipino way of courtship is usually indirect, a man who is interested to court a woman has to be discreet and friendly first, his gonna get with the woman's family and friends and should not be aggressive either presumptuous, most man tried a group date first with woman's friends, and followed with the visit in a woman's house to formally introduce himself to her family to let them know his clean intention to court the woman (usually if man go visit in woman's house he will bring something present to the woman like chocolates and flowers). Courting is usually be done inside the woman's house.

Some do it with serenade

Woman are modest and refine, man is lucky enough if the woman he is courting with after several visits, will agree to go out with him for a date but if in that case they always need to have a "chaperon" or somebody to accompany with them in there date, but most of Filipina use to play hard to get to measure his sincerity, he has to work hard to win her heart and even if the woman feel that she is also in love with the man she will never show it to him immediately. Some courtship will last years before the woman accepts man's love...but after the long process of courtship usually not in a very long time the man will do the "pamanhikan" or man together with his parents formally asking woman's hands from her parents and some man also have to render service into the house of the woman and serve her family before people can hear the church bell ringing.

The Modern Ways of Courtship is very different, because of the modernization almost everything changed advance, instant & fast. Woman now a days are being empowered,  tougher, aggressive & getting liberated. so using hi technology gadgets such as laptop, computers, cellphones, etc., no need for a man to exert too much of an effort and a very long time in courting to win woman's heart.

because woman now a days will not hesitate to show there affection, not afraid to take risk so if the guy will court the woman and woman think  he like the man then automatically woman will give it a what they call it a "try if relationship will work" this the time guy should keep his intention clear its very direct no parents and friends involve, yes parents and friends can influence woman's decision but still in the end its the woman will decision will prevail. in the other hand woman will directly say NO to those unfortunate man. but this time most woman don't want to get married right away.. more on career focus so if a man want to marry a woman he should prove during the relationship the he is ready and able to take care of his future family.  

Saturday, 20 April 2013

My Visa Journey "First Step"

Moving on from girlfriend to fiancee sounds good to me but that means i have to process my visa to be with my soon to be husband since he is what they call "F" as in "Foreigner" which is an american in particular to me.

So, my visa journey started with researching.... and here's what we (my fiance & i) learned from our research:

First Step:
Assembling the I-129F (Petition for Alien Fiance(e) Package

Payment as required by USCIS.
Cover Letter
Form I-129F: Petition for Alien Fiance(e)
Declaration of how you met in person in the last two years.
Original statements (from both the US Citizen and foreign fiance) certifying an intent to marry within 90 days of entering the US on a valid K-1.
Proof of having met in past two years.
Form G-325A filled out by the US Citizen signed and dated).
One passport-type photo of the US Citizen.
Form G-325A filled out by the foreign fiance(e) signed and dated.
One passport-type photo of the foreign fiance(e).
Copy of the Birth certificate (front and back) for the US Citizen.
Copy of final Divorce Decree(s) or Certificate(s) for the US Citizen and/or foreign fiance(e) if either has been previously married.
Proof of Legal Name Change if either the US Citizen and/or foreign fiance(e) is using a name other than that shown on the relevant documents.
Documentary Proof of Having met in person in the past two years & an ongoing relationship.

Wow! that's a lot of paper works to gather and to think this is just the first step?! we got all the information's from, i am so thankful for this community, the information's that we got are so helpful. so, i guess i will be sharing my step by step visa journey, see you around peps;)

Thursday, 18 April 2013

A Race Between Visa and Baby

Finally we are done with our paper works for our I-129F (Petition for Alien Fiance'e) packet which is the first step for my visa application, its been submitted and payed, all we have to do now is to wait for the NOA-1 (Notice of Action-1) from the USCIS informing us that they have received all the documents we submitted, after that we will just wait for the NOA-2 (Notice of Action-2) from the USCIS informing us the the petition is approved or else we will be receiving an RFE (Request for Evidence) in case the papers we submitted is not enough for them to approve the petition, means additional requirements and additional time frame, so we will just wait.. wait... wait... and wait.....

On the other hand, while waiting i notice that its been a week delay of my monthly period and its been a month since my fiance and i had our vacation together so, does it ring your bell?:).... here's the big public announcement "Remember that great Vacation my Richard and i took last month? looks like we brought an un-expected souvenir.. yes i am pregnant!!!:)"...

We are all happy and so excited for the baby, we want to get married before the baby born, the problem is we can't get married in the Philippines because our visa application is for fiance and not for spouse, which means there's going to be a Race of who/what comes first between Visa and Baby.  

Expecting to get the NOA2 on October 2011 (cross fingers-5 mos prego by that time) assuming we don't have RFE although, even if the petition will be approved at the expected time, we will still have the medical and embassy interview to go through which will take a month or two (6-7 mos prego), our baby will due on February 2012., time frame is so crucial SO, pray pray pray....

Monday, 15 April 2013

Finding the Right One

On January 2011 at

United States
About myself:
A friend of mine  from the Philippines is a very good person, so I read what Wikipedia had and saw this web site. I am christian and am looking for that someone special that is as faithful to me as i am to her. I am somewhat old fashioned, I enjoy long talks and walks with that someone special.


About myself:
I want to meet a matured (in all aspects) person somebody who I can be a friend with first, then hopefully will develop into real love then marriage. I'm looking for the one who is genuine and know’s what he want and would never waste my time niether his time figuring what he want in life.

I Hope I can find him here in this siteJ that would be sweet then…

God Bless..

and here it all started:

Man: Aloha? that means both hello and goodbye... right? I do like your profile, and i hope to here more hello's than goodbye's... Can we use my yahoo to email?

Woman: Yes, exactly!! in hawaii, Aloha means both hello and goodbye... but i hate goodbye's so i'd rather in the 1st word than the second:) by the way, i already added you in my ym and i wanted to get to know you better so i hope i can hear/read something about you in your next email or maybe we can catch up each other online...

"Truly God always answers prayers, even sometimes not in the way expect... We pray for something and God gives us something even better"

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Stress a Modern-Day Monster

Perception of stress is highly individualized. Something that seems to turn your friend in to a nervous wreck may not disturb you at all, and vice versa. Think of the audience of a horror movie, with some relishing every gory thrill, others covering their eyes and wishing they were anywhere but here, and the rest falling somewhere in between. In short, its not external events that are stressful, but your perception of them. This gives you the power to change the things you perceive as stressful.

Just as the things that cause tension vary from person to person, so do effective techniques for stress management. Some people find meditation dull and annoying; others find it enjoyable and refreshing. Still others find half-hour jog or half an hour in front of the television a great way to combat stress. You will have to find out what works for you. The best advice is to develop a "smorgasbord" of stress-busters.

Here is a list of practical techniques you can choose from alleviate some of the stress in your life:

1.) Seek out a caring network - A feeling of connection, of caring attachment to other people will help you      deal with stress more effectively.
2.) Have serenity to accept what you cannot change - The world is full of things that we as individuals don't have the power to alter.
3.) Have the courage to change the things you can - especially at work - Having said that you can't control everything around you, it is also true that if you have some power over certain key areas of your life particularly your job, you may be better able to deal with stress.
4.) Develop a sense of why your life holds meaning - Having a clear understanding of what you can and do accomplish in your life can help you manage your stress.
5.) Run Away - Three 20 minutes session of aerobic exercise a week can help keep your mind and body healthy and energetic.
6.) Don't take a coffee break - Don't take a cigarette break, either. Instead, take breaks to enjoy few calming deep breaths.
7.) Turn the devil on your shoulder into an angel - The things we say to ourselves can either heighten or lessen the tension of a situation
8.) Laugh it off - Humor helps us keep things in perspective and avoid the stress we feel when we blow problems out of proportion.
9.) Make your mental health a top priority - In the same study of stress resistant people, all said that they set aside 10 to 15 minutes each day to do something relaxing.
10.) Clean up your finances - Financial problems are common source of stress
11.) Reprioritize - In our society we often feel pressured to attain wealth, power and success along with the great personal and family life.
12.) Ask for Help - When things get out of control, seek good advice from the best sources you can.
13.) Use your breath to help you control stress - When stressful situation arises, try talking steady, slow abdominal breaths to cool off so that you can think more clearly.
14.) Don't turn allies into scapegoats - If you're having trouble at work, taking it out on your family and friends won't solve anything. Focus your energy on understanding the problem areas in your life and working to improve them.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Helping your man to de-stress

My man loves it when i help him de-stress, generally guys loves it to have an understanding partner not just be there for good times but even in bad times and helping them get out of a funk.

Use this tips to do the same for your guy.

1. HELP HIM CHILL - "If he's had a long day, lead him to a comfy chair and give him the remote. That signals to him that he can take a load off and watch whatever he wants."
2. PUMP HIM UP - "An ego massage is a great way to get him feeling good about himself. It can be as simple as asking him to open a jar of pickles for you. Men love that kind of stuff."
3. SURPRISE HIM - "If he's having a particularly stressful time, plan a carefree date. Take him to a concert,    have some wine or listen to music, try to make it a very relaxing evening for him."
4. GIVE HIM SPACE - "It'd be great if a woman just understood that sometimes, a guy doesn't  want to talk-he just want some time alone to unplug."
5. FEED HIM - "I'd always say this to my husband a way to a mas heart is through his stomach- you don't have to whip up something extravagant. Bring him a cookie. But warm it up first in the microwave. The little extra touch makes a huge difference."

Friday, 5 April 2013

Bohol Escapade

Bohol, the oval-shaped province is located in the Central portion of the Visayas lying between Cebu to the northwest and Leyte to the northeast.

I was so amaze with what I see during my visit in the province of bohol, the province has a lot of things to be proud of (historical & wonders).

The Chocolate Hills - a famous tourist attraction in Bohol. Just imagine how perfectly cone-shaped hills of about the same size, that are scattered throughout the municipalities.

The Loboc River – Experience a cruise along the scenic and winding Loboc River, wherein lunch could only be on board on one of the town’s native floating restaurant’s that serves fresh seafood and native dishes.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Discovering Camotes Island

I had an opportunity visiting Camotes Island and I can’t believe what I see. “It is a virgin island” as I call it, the place is so clean, so solemn, relaxing yet beautiful.
THE LAKE DANAO- it is known to be the largest lake in Visayas & Mindanao, the total area of the lake is 680 hectares.

THE MANGODLONG ROCK RESORT - coconut-shaded garden close to the beachfront. Across the resort and separated by a blue sea is a coral islet with tropical huts spread out, connected by a sand bar from the beach.

THE SANTIAGO BAY GARDEN & RESORT- overlooking a wide expanse of fine white sand, and a dazzling blue ocean.